About the Foundation

Our mission at In The New Century Foundation is to develop and support entrepreneurship in all its forms.

One of our main activities is training in the areas of marketing, sales and IT business development.

We strive to provide easy access to information, analysis, knowledge and skills on how to develop your business ideas, find clients and achieve stable financial results.

Our activity and our many years of experience are in the field of Internet marketing and sales. We train the teams we work with to make better and more informed decisions at every stage of business development. We help build partnerships between projects.

We strive to create a community of entrepreneurs working together who enrich their knowledge and knowledge of community members. With the help of experts, people in our online community become more confident in their decisions and actions to achieve their business goals.

We believe that a close-knit community of entrepreneurs is a necessity for many who have chosen their own entrepreneurial path.

Our experience shows that the economic and social development of a society depends on the state of each of its members. If it consists of enterprising and progressive people, society, city and state develop in all aspects. That is why we seek to support with our accumulated experience all entrepreneurs who want to develop.

We are convinced that in this way we contribute to economic growth and the good of society as a whole.

The Foundation operates in several areas which we consider as fundamental. What we do is aimed at entrepreneurs, especially those who have limited resources and need new knowledge. Who are ready to develop in this area and thus develop their business and society.
Among our areas of focus:
Creating online communities in which to help entrepreneurs learn and succeed through guidance and advice from experts. We believe that everyone can make steps into entrepreneurship if they get support from progressive and experienced entrepreneurs.

Training development – online and offline. Sometimes we need exact steps to get started. The training format with a predetermined program and structure allows everyone, quickly and easily get into the role of an entrepreneur. We are actively developing in this direction and provide online and offline training.

Creating an entrepreneur ecosystem. Our primary goal is the long-term success of people who decide to commit to entrepreneurship. We believe it leads to progress and development of the entire society and economy on a larger scale. That’s why we provide proactive and long-term support, in which our team not only helps entrepreneurs as they develop, but also helps them share knowledge and experience with each other.

Welcome to the In The New Century Foundation website. Our work is entirely non-profit, for the public good, and in keeping with our mission to make entrepreneurship education accessible to all.