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What is MSP marketing

Business success depends on the use of digital solutions. MSP (Managed Service Provider) is infrastructure as a service or cooperation with a SaaS service provider. Multiservice providers offer a range of works on design, development, delivery, installation, configuration and support of the IT-system with the possibility of supporting it throughout its life cycle. And the task of our advertising is to convey to the consumer the original value of each service, to show how, in combination, they improve business processes.

MSP marketing: infrastructure as a service

How to use multi-service providers to grow your business

A guide from an expert with many years of experience

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    MSP marketing: infrastructure as a service

    How to use multi-service providers to grow your business

    Challenges of multiservice promotion

    System integrators set the tone in IT architecture by being among the first to offer working, adapted or innovative solutions that have been proven in practice. They often take the risk of trying out IT offerings or components in the early market stage.

    A marketing company for MSP focuses on comprehensive service support, regular updates, audit and consulting services, the ability to adapt ready-made solutions to the requirements of a particular business and the development of unique modules.

    When promoting MSP a positive attitude towards the brand is formed, the customers are attracted by beneficial offers, proven expertise and high quality services.

    To promote it you have to demonstrate:

    • ready-made cases;
    • qualification and compliance with standards;
    • the use of proven equipment and technology;
    • reasonable cost of services.


    The managed services market is made up of the work of product developers, service providers and customers. All major market players have similar tariffs and package offerings, so it is important to position yourself correctly and select the optimal promotion mechanics.


    A multiservice integrator is a full-fledged business partner, providing internal resources for the implementation of new systems. Large MPS companies are engaged in market formation and creating demand for services, offering ready-made solutions and demonstrating the benefits of IT infrastructure outsourcing.

    Customers’ desire to get infrastructure or equipment “turnkey” leads to the creation of a new business area – classic system integration using the stack of those manufacturers that are used in the cloud service.

    SaaS service provider monitors additional opportunities arising from the development of telecommunications and information technology. The proposal should be ahead of demand, working for the future and offering the customer the best solution.

    The main tasks of MSP-services positioning:

    • Develop a strategy for demonstrating the advantages over competitors and making the brand easier to remember;
    • show that it is possible to optimize the solution for any, even the most complex project, and still be within a given budget;
    • talk about the problems and ways to solve them, selling the quality and advantage of the services.

    Promotion priorities

    It is necessary to promote comprehensively, using adjusted Internet marketing, competent packaging, demonstration of the advantages in all areas, including niche areas. Improving the product, increasing the value in the eyes of the client and getting feedback improves the effectiveness of promotion.

    It is important to use direct advertising, designed not for wide coverage, but only for the target audience. The maximum effect is achieved through the use of SEO, targeting, content marketing, and the corporate website.

    MSP marketing: infrastructure as a service

    How MSP services help to grow your business

    A guide from an expert with many years of experience

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      The use of tools when developing an MSP marketing strategy can only be in combination with each other, expanding the possibilities and creating the integrity of the perception of the advertising campaign.

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