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Marketing to promote information technology

It is hard to imagine any business processes that do not involve information technology. Thanks to them, companies operate with large volumes of data, use analytics, build CRM systems, launch online services, work with client bases, and keep merchandise and accounting records.

How to sell IT technologies

Peculiarities of advertising in the IT-technology market

Step-by-step guide to launching an advertising campaign

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    How to sell IT technologies

    Peculiarities of advertising in the IT-technology market

    IT technologies are used in smart cities, cloud infrastructures, mobile communications, cybersecurity, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Without them there will be difficulties in medicine and education, commerce and science.

    The abundance of offerings on the market makes it necessary to advertise information technology. Through a set of marketing measures, the developer company promotes its brand and increases demand.

    Before it can benefit from sales, it is necessary to develop a strategy. Without setting goals for the next few years, without an idea about the directions of development, marketing tools and the target audience, it is impossible to get promoted.

    The promotion of IT technologies on marketplaces is based on search engine optimization, targeted and contextual advertising, content marketing and SMM promotion. It is important not only to attract but also to keep the target audience, convincing them that using new technology will improve their quality of life and solve their client’s pain. Along with this, sales will grow and profitability will increase.

    PR for IT must take into account the business goals and objectives of the company. You should know your target customers and speak to them in one language. The promotion of any information technology should take place simultaneously in online and offline spaces.

    Problems of IT promotion

    Promotion in the market of information technology has nuances.

    • The main value lies in the idea that can be copied.
    • Sales are not quick: the customer ponders, compares, tests trial versions and only then makes a decision to buy.
    • The availability of free alternative versions of software makes it difficult to be motivated to buy the original version.

    Marketing to promote information technology

    • Topics are complex, and to explain the benefits and principles of work should be in simple language, without diving into the maze of terminology.
    • It is not possible to spin up, not having a clear plan of how to do it. Entry into the market begins long before the finalization of development. The market, competitors, demand, opportunities are studied.
    • Products based on IT technologies can be sold if it is possible to show the users how the software differs from many alternative programs, and what benefits it will bring to the buyer.

    Rules for advertising an IT product

    • The marketer must understand the subject and keep track of all the changes in the IT market.
    • Advertising solves the problems of the business based on the developed strategy and KPI.
    • There is a clear segmentation of the target audience, an understanding of its problems. For example, executives must see how to get money, and IT people must see the possibility of stable operation and product scalability.
    • When promoting the product we use cases, the benefits are demonstrated clearly! Video customer testimonials, video tutorials contribute to this to a greater extent.
    • All available tools should be used – from creating landing pages to hackathons.

    How to promote IT technologies

    Promotion of products in the IT-sphere is a complicated process that depends on the company’s image, competitors and high check. Only by working off customer pains and arousing confidence in the brand it is possible to interest the CA in new information technologies.


    • Create a marketing promotion strategy that takes into account all customer and IT product tangents.
    • Develop IT packaging that allows for visualization of complex topics.
    • Create content that customers are interested in. Build a loyal audience ready to recommend the IT product to other clients.
    • Identify and set up traffic channels.
    • Warm up the CA through a strong website, blog, social networks, chatbots, email newsletters, webinars.

    Promotion should disclose the advantages of the product compared to similar developments of competitors, to demonstrate the actual benefits. It is necessary to create a desire for customers to buy the product of a specific company-developer.

    Basic promotion tools

    There is no universal recipe for promotion in the IT-sphere. Each developer looks for his own ways, based on his desire to occupy a particular niche. It is possible to choose effective marketing tactics only by experience, testing them on a particular business. To achieve success, they use integrated marketing, using a variety of channels.

    A website that draws traffic and converts visitors into customers. Conciseness of the text, the use of infographics, videos, screenshots increases the interest of users. The description of the product should be clear and detailed, showing who it is for, what it does, what pains it closes. A selling site always has social proof of importance (logos of companies that use the software, reviews, ratings, expert recommendations, which are listened to). To keep users on the site longer, it is necessary to post FAQs, cases, instructions, tariffs, security guarantees. Contacts are only placed in a prominent place, as well as a call to action.

    User experience is an important factor that increases conversions. It takes into account the simplicity of the site and navigation, the ability to quickly switch between screens, the ease of conversion and finding the information needed, download speed, the absence of broken links, the availability of adaptive versions for different devices.

    Search engine optimization is a long-term process that ensures the development of the project in the long term. The work is carried out in several directions. In the technical aspect, attention is paid to the speed of page loading, code cleanliness, usability, the presence of markup and meta tags. Optimized content means accurate keywords, internal linking, user experience scores, LSI. Smooth link building with an emphasis on authoritative sources is mandatory.

    How to promote IT technologies

    To compensate for the duration of SEO-promotion, contextual advertising is involved. It helps to quickly reach the top positions, although it requires significant financial expenses. To run it, you need to develop creatives and customize the keys. This is enough for paid traffic to start coming to the site.

    Corporate blog. The format of the site does not always allow you to build communication with potential clients. Promotion of IT technologies is not about advertising a new smartphone or sneakers. The client needs to be nurtured, educated, and led to the idea of the need to buy software or a service. Having an expert blog helps to tell about updates, compare software with competitors’ developments, answer users’ questions, teach them how to use the software, publish interviews, case studies, related materials and download links. On your site and blog, you can additionally set up pop-ups, push mailings of exclusive offers, live chats, and chatbots. These tools hold the attention of users, although you have to make sure that their number does not annoy.

    Social networks, where the good half of humanity “hangs out,” are suitable for the promotion of information technology as an auxiliary tool. Promotion is based on expert and useful content, targeted advertising, and advertising from opinion leaders. Social networks are handy for collecting feedback, as well as deploying technical support for clients.

    Landing pages are used to communicate with all segments of the target audience in a different language to solve common problems. A unique message to each group increases conversions. For the lending, traffic is attracted by launching advertising campaigns, from blogs, social media, and by posting expert articles on third-party resources. The main purpose of the banding is to explain to the user that the way to solve the problem is in front of their eyes.

    Outreach increases the benefit of posting expert content. By agreement, authoritative niche publications place guest posts or links to a site that promotes IT technology. Placement of interesting content on external resources increases user awareness, their reach, and improves ranking.

    Email marketing. To work with potential customers, it is necessary to collect a database of addresses, to which periodically (but not often!) to make mailings of useful information about new products, promotions, updates. To collect email addresses, they use forms for downloading test versions, registration, and offers to register to download content or participate in a bonus program. Another working trick is automatic mailing for new customers, introducing them to IT solutions.

    Video format is in demand in all cases when it is necessary to promote IT technologies or products. You can clearly and quickly show the principles of work, the key advantages. Video hostings and social networks are suitable for posting videos.

    In order for a user to want to buy the development of an IT company, he must experience it and try it out. To do this, it is offered to download a trial version of the software, which may be limited in time and in additional features.

    Promotion is influenced by the expertise of the company. To enter the market, it is necessary to participate in various events in online and offline formats. It is important to invite experts to them (or to act as organizers or experts yourself), to present new developments in the field of information technology to the audience.

    How to sell IT technologies

    The best tools and services for promotion in the IT marketplace

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      Other effective promotion methods include:

      • Early access followed by product reviews from experts, bloggers, niche companies;
      • Building a strong brand;
      • localization of the region of promotion, taking into account the specifics of the country;
      • Uploading software to app stores;
      • crowdfunding.

      Working through all stages of the customer engagement funnel and choosing cost-effective marketing tools and promotion channels can increase sales, create a good reputation and make IT technology in demand.

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