Promotion in messengers

Promotion in messengers

Multichannel promotion implies active use of advertising in messengers. It helps to build trust among users and automate sales, accompanying the client from the moment of acquaintance with the product to its purchase.

Peculiarities of advertising in Asia

Promotion Trends in the East

Attractive Asian market is not easy to conquer because of the specific mentality. The inhabitants of Japan and South Korea appreciate lightness, multiple meanings, colorfulness and national color with a philosophical tinge in advertising.

Promotion of outsourcing services in IT

Promotion of Outsourcing Services in IT

The article considers the main aspects of the promotion of outsourcing services in the IT sphere. It describes the services that are in demand, presents innovative strategies and tips that will help outsourcing companies to successfully overcome competition and assert their position in the market.

Promotion of outstaffing through strategic marketing

Outstaffing promotion through strategic marketing

In this article we will look at the benefits of outstaffing, highlighting the problems it solves for corporations. We will look at the key tools that can increase sales effectiveness and discuss different approaches to content to increase conversions. Learn effective methods for attracting customers and strengthening your position in the outstaffing market.

Approaches to provider promotion

Promotion of the provider and hosting on the market

Any provider can win the trust of clients if it uses non-standard mechanics in promotion. For example, track offline sales and incentivise the purchase of new services, offering the client exactly what they need to operate efficiently.

Unconventional Strategies for Promoting a Hosting Company

Unconventional ways to promote and strengthen your brand for your hosting company

Virtual reality, voice search, cryptocurrencies and other unique tools are becoming an integral part of modern hosting company marketing. In this article we will dive into the world of creative solutions and tell you about unusual ways to promote your site on the Internet that will help your company stand out from the competition. We’ll also reveal the secrets of successful brand building and show you how to create iconic status for your hosting company.

Promoting a Systems Integrator

Promoting a Systems Integrator

In this article we will review the key steps and methods for promoting a systems integrator (IT integrator). You will learn about the difficulties you may encounter and effective methods of solving them. We will also look at the content challenges faced by IT integrators and suggest opportunities to achieve them successfully. We will share a list of the top 5 steps for promoting a systems integrator’s website.

How to promote a mobile app development company

In today’s digital world, promoting a mobile app development company is critical to success. This article offers 10 steps to help you effectively promote your company and attract customers in the competitive mobile technology industry.