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Promotion Trends in the East

It is a difficult task to enter the Asian market without partners and intermediaries who work in it. They are sought at thematic events: exhibitions, conferences, seminars. Local companies are interested in cooperation to promote goods, services. But we should not forget that advertising in Asia has certain specifics. In addition, this market is heterogeneous. Therefore, different channels are used to inform the target audience and promote the product.

Promotion to Eastern countries

How to take your IT company to the Asian market

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    Promotion to Eastern countries

    How to take your IT company to the Asian market

    Features of advertising in Asian countries

    It is necessary to know the features of advertising in Asia, to be able to use them to achieve commercial goals. When promoting in this region, not only cultural and religious values are taken into account, but even the smallest details are worked out, including the color palette of creatives. Each color is associated with a certain mood in the inhabitants of the Asian region. 

    To achieve success, it is necessary to abandon the techniques used in promotion in European countries. Do not bet on rationality, which is valued by Europeans.

    Attract the attention of the inhabitants of Asian countries with the help of advertising is impossible without solving the following problems:

    • detailed elaboration of naming;
    • the development of imagery;
    • competent writing texts.

    Before you start advertising, it should be shown to experts. It should be light, light-hearted, create a complete picture. Without professional development with the participation of local experts, it is difficult to solve this task.

    Features of advertising in Asian countries

    How to advertise goods and services in South Korea 

    The society of this country strives to keep up with technological, technical progress. Therefore, advertising in South Korea is necessarily adapted to mobile devices. At the same time, the society cherishes traditional cultural values. For Koreans, a person’s reputation and personal connections are important. Therefore, it is necessary to involve opinion leaders and famous bloggers in the promotion of companies, goods, and services.

    When planning a purchase, South Koreans begin to gather information about a service or product. They look through dozens of offers, compare them, discuss them in social networks. Therefore, to communicate with the target audience it is necessary to attract native speakers. 

    Effective advertising in Korea meets the following requirements:

    • the texts use figurative vocabulary, they are multitasking;
    • is not similar to what competitors do, it is bold and bright;
    • information is presented in a kaleidoscope format;
    • propaganda techniques are used;
    • offers to get something for free;
    • creates a positive mood, the illusion of online recreation. Therefore, creatives should not be annoying.

    In South Korea, the following areas are most in demand:

    • plastic surgery;
    • luxury goods;
    • home accessories;
    • healthy food products;
    • modeling business;
    • beauty industry.

    Promotion in this Asian country is expensive due to the specifics, high competition in almost all market segments. 

    In South Korea it is forbidden to advertise fast food, which leads to obesity, alcohol and tobacco products. Opinion leaders cannot be involved to promote these products. Images of famous people with alcohol and tobacco products cause rejection in Koreans.  The following have the same effect:

    • Showing disrespect for elders;
    • Chopsticks that are in an upright position. In South Korea, this is a symbol of death;
    • images of uneaten food;
    • sentences that violate ethical standards.

    Residents of the country use three search engines to find information. These are the national search engine Naver, which accounts for 74% of visits, Daum and Google. Therefore, for successful promotion it is necessary to bet on Naver, which is adapted to the English-speaking audience. The settings of advertising campaigns, display algorithms are similar to Google Adwords. The search engine includes ads for mobile devices, personal computers, as well as:

    • unique content;
    • search advertising;
    • brand search.

    Knowing the peculiarities of advertising in Korea will allow you to quickly enter the market of this country and occupy a niche in it.

    Promotion rules in Japan

    Advertising in Japan is effective if it is colorful, filled with philosophical meaning and does not require verbal explanations. Therefore, the stake should be made on images, creating with their help a positive mood. The Japanese will not buy a product if advertising does not bring positive emotions. In this case, the sites are mostly filled with text, and the images on them are small and low quality. 

    An important feature of advertising in Japan is the need to work out text creatives on the three alphabets. This should be done by an expert. Using mechanical translation will not give the desired effect. In addition, advertising creatives should not contain aggressive appeals to make a purchase. The effect brings a respectful and respectful tone. Video advertising in Japan is subject to the same rules.

    For successful promotion, you should understand the mentality of the Japanese. They are characterized by modesty, try not to stand out against the background of other residents of the country, working for the common good. Advertising is valued, which gives ordinary, familiar things non-standard, unusual properties, makes them mysterious and mysterious. It should preserve national identity. In order for creatives to attract attention, it is recommended to use in them the image of an elderly person who is calm, confident. You can not distract users from everyday affairs. This irritates them, reduces the effectiveness of advertising.

    The Japanese are workaholics, so you can’t emphasize relaxation or work. You need to create creatives that combine the two. Sometimes manga techniques are used to attract attention when creating creatives.

    The advertising market in Japan is governed by ethical rather than legal regulations. Not only authorized authorities, but also local governments are watching to make sure that ads do not mislead users. In order not to fall under sanctions, it is necessary to avoid topics and creatives related to personal data.

    How to promote yourself in China

    The PRC is another attractive Asian market. But the rules of promotion there are radically different from those used for promotion in Japan and South Korea. Chinese society obeys the decisions of the authorities unconditionally. Therefore, advertising prohibited products, goods, services will quickly lead to sanctions. In China, you can not promote luxury goods, alcohol, tobacco products, as well as:

    • mislead consumers;
    • use superlatives;
    • engage in discrimination;
    • advertise low-quality products.

    At the same time, status is important to the Chinese, and they are reverent about issues that concern personal safety. Advertising is effective if it offers privileges in service and contains an educational component. When creating creatives, it is recommended to bet on the following colors:

    • blue;
    • green;
    • yellow;
    • red.

    Black and white colors are perceived negatively by the Chinese. This should definitely be taken into account to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

    Google’s global data collection does not work in the People’s Republic of China. The country relies on local ecosystems such as Tencent. These are platforms that combine the functions of advertising platforms and information search. Users use the following search engines:

    • Sogou;
    • Baidu;
    • Haosou.

    Opinion leaders are involved in promotion for effective promotion and brand building. The minus of national Chinese search engines is the lack of effective tracking. This makes it difficult to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

    Promotion to Eastern countries

    How to take your IT company to the Asian market

    Get a guide to comprehensive promotion

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      Promotion to Eastern countries

      How to take your IT company to the Asian market

      In addition, China is home to many ethnic groups. Advertising should be created taking into account their linguistic peculiarities, cultural values and needs.

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