HR marketing in the era of digital technologies: streaming recruitment

The trend towards universal digitalization requires employers to implement new HR technologies. Comprehensive HR marketing system, based on proven mechanics and using digital tools, makes it possible to reduce the cost and simplify the recruiting process, build a strong HR brand and get the best candidates on the market.

How to promote a mobile app development company

In today’s digital world, promoting a mobile app development company is critical to success. This article offers 10 steps to help you effectively promote your company and attract customers in the competitive mobile technology industry.

Marketing plan for an IT company

Marketing plan for an IT company

The IT market is booming; the number of companies willing to sell their developments is constantly increasing. If you do not invest into advertising, promotion and marketing, even good products remain unclaimed.

Promotion of digital IT technologies

It is impossible to promote fintech, edtech and biotech projects on the international markets without a well-thought-out PR. Recognizable brand allows gaining the trust of clients, asserting oneself, promoting and scaling up business.

Brand promotion for IT

IT-market demonstrates steady growth. There is a demand for information technologies in all business spheres. Increase of competition and struggle for clients leads to the fact that it is necessary to stand out from the general mass, to have own chip and recognizable brand.

SEO for IT

The impact of SEO on promotion in the IT marketplace

Promotion of IT topics through SEO requires careful elaboration of semantics, optimisation of the site and creation of expert content. It is important to pick up mechanics, bundles and tools, to increase trust in the web resource for Google.

Promotion of IT companies on the market

It is not easy to sell IT products, because there are many competitors, the cost is high, and the outcome of the purchase is difficult to predict. It is important for the client to buy not a service or product, but a ready-made solution that demonstrates efficiency and benefits.

Promotion of IT-services

How to make promotion of IT services effective

Building the marketing and promotion of IT services requires the utmost attention to building the company’s reputation. It is important to create a marketing strategy, attract traffic, and increase conversions. It is important to create a marketing strategy, attract traffic, and increase conversions, so that users become customers and come back for more services.

Advertising for IT

Selling IT products requires expertise and simplicity at the same time. A company should demonstrate itself to users, create an image, and become attractive to employees.