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Promotion of digital IT technologies

Business development stimulates the development of new concepts, ideas in the field of digital technology. A variety of technological solutions are mastering traditional markets, coexisting in the same niche. The implementation of technological directions is based on knowledge from various disciplines using mobile technology, virtual and augmented reality, cloud computing, gamification, and artificial intelligence.

Digital IT promotion

The most effective tools for powerful promotion

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    Digital IT promotion

    The most effective tools for powerful promotion

    The following options have a huge payoff: fintech:

    • fintech (finance + technology);
    • edtech (education + technology);
    • biotech (biology + technology);
    • martech (marketing + technology);
    • healthtech (health + technology) and other directions.

    The attractiveness of innovative projects that use digital technology is increasing. IT-companies investing in software development tend to get stable investments and acquire solvent clients. All tech-industries are growing manifold, attracting venture capital investments for development.

    How to promote technology industry services

    In the sphere of innovative technologies both large companies and startups find their place. For them different conditions of promotion are applied, depending on the budget, creativity of the management, availability of the team.

    An important factor for the promotion of tech-directions are fame and reputation of the company in the professional community, as well as presence in the media. One should be active, look for and initiate occasions to increase quotability, collect ideas for analytical materials, write about market trends, publish forecasts, demonstrate expertise.

    Development of your own site is a prerequisite for promotion. Additionally it is necessary to have representations on external resources – blog, social networks, messengers, as well as any other platforms which allow to gather the target audience in the shortest possible time. The maximum number of channels that can attract fast traffic can be used for promotion.

    SEO is a basic tool for promotion, optimizing websites, weblogs and improving ranking. Search engine promotion takes into account changes in search algorithms, monitoring of search queries, market, site and competitor analysis, development of relevant semantics, internal and external technical optimization, monitoring of user reactions, conversions, analysis of promotion strategies.

    The age of the domain, stable traffic, link profile, user experience through the prism of search engines are important for SEO. The promotion is carried out with the help of crowd-marketing, guest posts and link-building. The main formats used are cases, interviews, guides, research, FAQs.

    Content marketing distributes high-quality content on specialized platforms, promotes the company, attracts new and retains the old target audience through useful and interesting information. Promotion is based on the publication of articles, videos, presentations, infographics, applications, webinars.

    Promotion of digital IT technologies: fintech, biotech, edtech

    All methods of promotion are aimed at gaining coverage and conversion of CA into clients or loyal subscribers. The main goals of content marketing are recognition, loyalty and growth of subscribers.

    SERM is aimed at building a positive reputation, handling negativity. A company (especially for startups), may be known in the professional community, but not popular with a possible target audience. A few negative reviews from competitors are enough for users to begin to doubt.

    Reputation management takes into account search engine results and manages the connection between the mention of a company and the reviews of its clients and employees. The work is carried out on promotion on managed sites, where it is convenient to work out negative mentions, as well as on the legal field.

    SMM is a set of works on promotion in social networks. It includes developing a strategy, creating visuals, choosing how to build communication, targeting, influencer marketing, seeding in thematic groups, establishing a connection with subscribers, getting feedback, working with reputation.

    Social networks make it easy to post announcements and articles, introduce the product, and increase brand awareness. Publika gives the involvement of a large target audience, attracts additional traffic to the site, stimulates sales.

    PR is needed to strengthen brand positioning and link building. It is important to offer interviews with experts, initiating info-talks and situational analytics for priority publications. Information on market trends, reviews, forecasts, cases, and instructions is a good idea.

    Other tech promotion tools:

    • PPC to place paid advertising on all user devices.
    • Affiliate programs for mutually beneficial promotion.
    • Email marketing.
    • Telegram channels for publishing news, support and paid advertising.

    Licensing control is required to get to the top, especially if the resource is multi-lingual!

    In order to strengthen your position, you need to study ratings and reviews (and preferably participate in them), be present and actively perform at industry events and exhibitions.

    It is possible to win and expand the target audience through the SaaS Freemium model. Users are offered a service with limited functionality with the ability to expand to a premium account. This model of service provision is particularly relevant in edtech.

    Free trial, B2B subscription models, pay per result, and donations are all used to attract customers. All this allows you to engage in advertising, forming a loyal audience.

    Features of innovative technologies

    Fintech. In the financial technology market, the company’s reputation is a determining factor. At the intersection of innovation and conservatism, competent PR helps win the trust of clients. Promotion takes into account the complex digital landscape, high competition from large banks and financial companies, nichevisation of services, and regulatory restrictions.

    How to promote technology industry services

    Maximizing rankings, site traffic and lead generation is required to gain a competitive edge and generate more revenue. When selecting keywords, it is recommended to use long phrases using the terminology used by the target audience.

    Edtech. This is not only online education, but also all the digital tools that help improve the learning process – from online schools and interactive courses to learning equipment, learning platforms, electronic systems and simulators.

    There are trends in the direction of synchronizing artificial intelligence with the assimilation of materials, neuromarketing, creating adaptive content in real time, combining virtuality and reality to create metavalleys. The promotion should take into account the extremely high competition, market consolidation, the emergence of new mixed online and offline learning formats, and the constant growth in the number of users.

    Biotech. The promotion of biotechnology is not inferior to, and in some places even exceeds, the complexity of IT. There are significant difficulties with building communications, the need to talk about complex technologies in accessible language. The product development cycle is long, the cost is high, and investments need to be raised long before the result appears. At the same time, non-specialized investors can hardly evaluate the significance of the project.

    Specialists with a scientific background are involved to work on the promotion. The company must demonstrate the highest level of expertise, have an impeccable reputation, constantly invest in PR, and participate in industry and scientific events. To attract attention, in addition to the classical promotion tools, it is necessary to use multimedia for scientific visualizations, to constantly publish scientific reviews, including on the topics of the latest scientific discoveries, and to take into account the Altmetric Index.

    Martech. Marketing technologies have been used for a long time, demonstrating high efficiency.  The symbiosis of technology and marketing makes it possible to draw up the most accurate portrait of the target audience in order to offer products that close specific pains.

    Using the developments of martech – chatbots, CRM or virtual marketing – is almost a classic of company promotion and development. Digital tools use mathematical models to help plan, develop infrastructure, evaluate its effectiveness, build specialist competencies, apply microtargeting, etc.

    Healthtech / Medtech. Digital technology in medicine focuses on remote patient health support (telemedicine, smart devices, wellness applications), computerized drug development, and reducing the burden on the health care system.

    Promotion of digital IT technologies

    Features of marketing in the IT market

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      The topics allow for both B2B, B2C and B2G market segments, online and offline. Evidence base, expert status, excellent reputation, nice product packaging and availability of investors are important for promotion. It is necessary to build communication with the market, invest in advertising and constantly emphasize the benefits of the product.

      The promotion of any tech trends is in demand in all areas. A business based on them has unlimited potential for scaling.

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