Launching a FinTech Startup

Launching a FinTech Startup

Information technology startups are in demand in all fields, emerging at the intersection of science and IT development.

Presentation of a startup to an investor

Presentation of a startup to investor is an important stage in the realization of an IT project. It requires a long preparatory period in order to get financing. It is necessary to develop a strategy, a budget, as well as to be able to explain the essence and value of an idea in a few minutes.

Crowdfunding platforms

Startups need money, so they look for investors and crowdfund. Crowdfunding platforms are used to place and promote projects in the online space, and provide legal and financial support.

IT accelerators

Every startup lacks investment, resources and expertise. Business accelerators are designed to solve the problem, offering expert support and growth to start-ups even with relatively small resources.

Venture funds in IT topics

The life cycle of a startup may be short, or it may develop into a powerful company with huge potential. To bring an idea to life requires funding, which is provided by venture capital funds.

Promotion of IT startups

Promotion of IT startups

Successful attraction of venture investors as well as the future of an IT startup depend on a proper promotion strategy. Quality marketing and PR should accompany the idea from the moment of its creation to the incarnation and further sales.